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About us

Diamond Crypto Finance is a dynamic group whose main focus is to provide our clients with the best possible service, We apply a systematic and quantitative approach to investment management, with the aim of generating high-quality and diversifying profits for our clients.

We are a profitable and Trusted investment program, established by a strong team of highly skilled traders and investment consultants in the offline and online investment market. We put your investments in new highly remunerative innovative projects, which offer great returns along. Today our company has a professional team to develop a business. We know how much, where and when to put your investments. And we know how to achieve maximum income. We are constantly diversifying our investment portfolio and building stronger connections worldwide.

The company offers long-term and short-term investment opportunities, Diamond Crypto Finance was established in 2019 and it initially began trading stocks, shares, and bonds, it got involved in Forex Trading and Crypto-currencies in 2020 and was among the pioneer traders of Crypto-currencies in the advent of Bitcoin and Altcoins trading in 2020 when Crypto-currency trading was at its peak.

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Investment plans


General Plan

Every Day
  • Minimum 100.0 USD
  • Maximum 4,999.0 USD
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Capital back Yes

2.0 %


Thriller Plan

Every Day
  • Minimum 5,000.0 USD
  • Maximum 9,999.0 USD
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Capital back Yes

2.5 %


Pro Plan

Every Day
  • Minimum 10,000.0 USD
  • Maximum 19,999.0 USD
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Capital back Yes

3.0 %


Expert Plan

Every Day
  • Minimum 20,000.0 USD
  • Maximum 100,000,000.0 USD
  • Duration 7 Days
  • Capital back Yes

4.0 %


How do we make profits for investors

Liquidity provisioning

Our advanced trading technology and services includes liquidity provisioning, as well as bespoke hedging and risk management solutions for miners, exchanges, brokers, crypto funds and more.

Compounding returns

Our yield products are powered by defi and are designed to help you generate cash flow from your crypto effortlessly. our apy (annual percentage yield) is the real rate of return earned on our investment, taking into account the effect of compounding interest.

Digital asset management

We take good care of your funds and keep your digital assets safe. we work with leading and trusted custody partners in the defi space and use audited smart contracts.


Automated strategies

We offer market-neutral strategies that are constantly adjusted and adapt to the current markets allowing us to offer you low liquidity risk on your portfolio. we employ a robust risk assessment framework to offer the best yield strategies at low market risks.

Indices & benchmarks

Our robust, transparent indices span the gulf between traditional and digital asset investing covering equities, crypto and gold. we are also deeply involved in other commodities like silver and copper.

Exchange traded products

Simple access to digital assets. our crypto etps allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies via your bank or broker - just as you would with traditional stocks and etfs.

Become our partner and earn up to 15% affiliate commission

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Why choose us


Innovative company

Our mission is to build the future of investing by pioneering new financial products and services for all types of investors globally.


Provable expertise

We are a full-service digital asset investment and trading group with decades of combined experience to bridge the gap between traditional investment management and digital assets.


Regulated hedge fund

We are creating a global digital assets investment firm and innovating the technology and infrastructure to enable access to investment in the new digital economy


Global leader

We enjoy one of the world’s longest track record of regulated investment management in digital assets, commodity tacking and corporates finance and investment.


Dedicated team

WE have an excellent team of professionals from diverse background including finance, IT, oil and gas as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Safe and secure

Over the years, we have built military grade security infrastructure powered by our state of the art algorithmic risk mitigation strategies so that our investor can invest with peace of mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1. Login to your portfolio wallet Step 2: From the menu button, click on Withdraw, select Withdraw Fund Step 3: Select your preferred cryptocurrency Step 4: Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click withdraw Step 5: Enter your withdrawal wallet Step 6: Wait a few minutes to receive your funds in your withdrawal wallet

Follow these steps to start receiving daily profits Step 1. Login to your investment wallet Step 2: From the menu button, click on Investment Plan and click Choose Plans Step 3: Select your preferred Investment Plans Step 4: Enter the amount you want to Invest and click yes Step 5: Boom, your investment will be recorded and you will start receiving daily profits NOTE: You can make as many investments as you can and each will be generating profits independently based on your selected plan

Diamond Crypto Finance as an Innovative Company has simple and easy processes to fund your wallet from a list of various supported payment methods. Step 1. Login to your investment wallet Step 2: Click on DEPOSIT FUND Step 3: Select your preferred cryptocurrency Step 4: Enter the amount you want to deposit and click next Step 5: Click on Deposit Step 6: Copy the wallet address displayed and send the equivalent amount you want to deposit Step 7: Upload your proof of payment and wait a few minutes to receive your deposit in your portfolio wallet

The registration process on the website is quite simple. You need to fill out the fields of the registration form, which include the name and username of the investor, his email address and password.

Diamond Crypto Finance is an international investment company officially registered in the United Kingdom. The activity of our company is aimed at the forex, stocks and cryptocurrency trading and providing investment services worldwide. Any kind of investment activities and fiduciary management services are carried out on legal grounds.

At the moment we work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litcoin, Ripple and Dogecoin

What our customer says

I have been working with Diamond Crypto Finance for over a year and their expertise in the crypto space is second to none. They have been instrumental in helping me make smart and informed decisions when it comes to investing my hard-earned money

Maxim Galash


I recently invested in Diamond Crypto Finance, and it has been a great experience. They have an experienced team of crypto professionals who understand the ins and outs of the market, and they are always up to date on the latest news

Oleg Serebryany

From Russia

Diamond Crypto Finance has become a reliable partner for Fluent Finance, especially as we continue to deploy our protocol and seek increased liquidity and yield opportunities through DeFi

Bradley A

CEO, Fluent Finance

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Marc.E 2023-02-08 1,000.00 USD BTC
40638511 2023-02-08 5,000.00 USD Deposit
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Marc.E 2023-02-06 500.00 USD BTC
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Marc.E 2023-02-04 500.00 USD BTC
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Aue53396 2023-02-01 4,000.00 USD BTC
7EA 2023-02-01 2,000.00 USD Deposit
88coin 2023-01-30 20,000.00 USD Deposit
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Aue53396 2023-02-07 250.00 USD BTC
Aue53396 2023-02-05 500.00 USD BTC
Ttt 2023-02-05 350.00 USD ETH
Ttt 2023-02-04 102.00 USD BTC
7EA 2023-02-04 13,750.00 USD BTC
Aue53396 2023-02-03 10.00 USD BTC
YaFin 2023-02-03 200.00 USD BCH
YaFin 2023-02-03 200.00 USD Payeer
YaFin 2023-02-03 10,000.00 USD Payeer
CoinShare 2023-02-03 200.00 USD BCH